Our Story

Since 1985, Coilplus has dedicated itself to becoming one of the most trusted names in flat rolled Carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum processing in North America. Our customers expect nothing less than excellence and we enjoy keeping our customers satisfied and loyal. From the administrative staff through the company ownership, everyone who is a part of our Coilplus family understands that four strategic prinicples are what make our story a successful and prosperous one:


  1. At Coilplus, we produce and promote only the highest quality, critical application products. Our customers depend on the strength and durability of our product and to deliver just in time to exceed our customers expectations.

  2. Coilplus remains dedicated to maintaining and promoting the most modern steel processing equipment the market has to offer. If it can be done better, stronger, or faster, you can bet that Coilplus is infusing the latest technology into our already proven processes.

  3. At Coilplus, we understand that being the best means working with the best. Only the most motivated and highly trained associates work in our plants. We only operate plants that are safe and strategically aligned to offer our customer the quality that the Coilplus name is known for.

  4. Coilplus is backed by Metal One, one of the largest metals trader and metals processors on the globe and currently operates ten plants in North and South America. At Coilplus, we believe in growth and prosperity, and understand that hard work and dedication is what makes our future limitless.